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Eligibility Rules

Paralegals who wish to take the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE) and earn PACE Registered Paralegal® (RP®) certification must meet one of these requirements:

  • Associate degree in paralegal studies obtained from accredited and/or ABA approved paralegal education program, plus 6-years substantive paralegal experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in any course of study obtained from accredited school, plus 3-years substantive paralegal experience
  • Bachelor’s degree and completion of a paralegal program with an institutionally accredited school (paralegal program may be embodied in a bachelor’s degree), plus 2-years substantive paralegal experience
  • 4-years substantive paralegal experience on or before December 31, 2000


Eligibility Waiver

If you cannot meet eligibility requirements, mail your waiver request to the PACE Standards Committee, PACE Coordinator, 2517 Eastlake Avenue East, Suite 200, Seattle, Washington 98102.

Questions about PACE eligibility requirements? Contact

Application Process

1. Order the Application
Contact National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA®) online or call (206) 652-4120 to request a PACE application.

2. Eligibility Documentation

Proof of education (if qualifying through education and experience) including copies of diplomas and/or paralegal certificates.
>> Does your diploma say “Paralegal Studies”? If not, but your paralegal education is embodied in a Bachelor’s degree, you must provide a transcript.
>> Is your school accredited by the proper agency? Visit for a list of recognized accrediting agencies.

Employer letter(s) verifying number of years of experience. You may need to go back to prior employers.

Letter of reference from a member of the legal community (on letterhead) who is familiar with your paralegal experience. An attorney, court officer or PACE Registered Paralegal can write this letter.

Need a paper-saving idea? Combine your employer verification and letter of reference in one letter.

3. Complete the Application 
Read the candidate handbook carefully and contact NFPA if you have questions.

4. Send Application, Documentation and Payment 
Use the checklist in the application handbook, and make sure you’ve included all requested materials. Incomplete applications will be returned and you will be required to submit an additional processing charge of $25.00.

Payment can be made by cashier or certified check, VISA or Mastercard.

5. Confirm Eligibility
Wait about 20 business days to receive notice from PES that you are an eligible candidate.

6. Schedule Exam Date/Time
As soon as you receive your candidate eligibility letter, call Prometric/Sylvan Technology Centers to schedule an exam date and time. (Your letter from PES will include a toll-free number. Saturday appointments are not guaranteed.)

You have 90 days from the date on your candidate eligibility letter to take PACE.

7. Take the Exam
Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled test time. You will have 4 hours to answer 200 multiple choice questions. You may take breaks, but they are included in your 4-hour test time.

8. Receive Test Results
PACE results are instantaneous. Congratulations!

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